“The morbid meets the deeply spiritual in Christine Turner’s assured documentary. . . Ms. Turner captures the intimacy of solemn, heartfelt moments, and salutes a man who honors their value.” —Andy Webster, The New York Times

Exquisitely tender. . . one of those rare opportunities to go toward the thing we fear most—death—and realize how much joy and comfort there is in it, when handled with grace and care. Thoughtful and enlightening.
—Hank Stuever, The Washington Post

Watching Isaiah Owens’ gentle face . . . and hearing him explain his interest in laying the dead to rest . . . we know instinctively that his presence on earth is a gift to all who meet him, living or dead.”
—Nancy deWolf Smith, The Wall Street Journal

“The 26th season of the public-television documentary series "POV" opens with Christine Turner's lyrical, life-affirming film on the African-American way of death. . .”
—Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

“A string of memorable moments in filmmaker Christine Turner’s moving documentary, 'Homegoings,' refuses to leave my mind’s eye."—Clem Richardson, New York Daily News